Chrysanthemum morifolium

Yellow or white chrysanthemum flowers of the species C. Chrysanthemum morifolium (2). The resulting beverage is known simply as chrysanthemum tea (菊 花 茶, pinyin: júhuā chá, in Chinese). In Korea, a rice wine flavored with chrysanthemum flowers is called gukhwaju (국화주).

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AN-theh-mum mor-ih-FOE-lee-um Audio. CHRYSANTHEMUM-Morifolium. There would be few cut flowers blooming in October were it not for hardy garden mums. This perennial autumn bloomer is a versatile plant most often used in flower beds or containers. The long stems and big blooms, available in colors ranging from lavender and white to . One of the most popular plants available for providing long-lasting flowers to enjoy indoors or on porches and patios.

Often sold as a gift plant because they are so easy to care for.

The wide array of colors and flower forms insure there is a shade to suit just about any indoor décor or patio planter color scheme. In Chinese classical literature and culture, the chrysanthemum, the orchi the plum blossom, and the bamboo are better known as the Four . The irradiated mice were treated with the PM or . Down Terminal (leaf) node. Synonym, Dendranthema grandiflorum. All SourcesFictionArts . Best grown in humusy, fertile, consistently moist, well-drained soils in full sun.

Tolerates very light shade, and appreciates some afternoon protection from the hot sun in southern climates. Plants tend to sprawl with too much shade. The cultivated chrysanthemum is commonly grown as an ornamental flowering plant.

Although temperate in origin, it grows successfully in the tropics and is often grown in southeast Asia. It is a popular late-blooming garden perennial, and may rarely escape cultivation. The blooms are long- lasting and a perfect size for filling in bouquets to create a lush, full look. Source: The PLANTS Database, database (version .1).

Notes: National Plant Data Center, NRCS, USDA. Asteraceae) are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat fever, cold and swelling.

However the aerial part is considered as agriculture waste and the chemical and pharmacological information is scanty. From the stems of this plant, four new compounds named . AFRC Institute of Horticultural Research,. It is easily attacked by aphids from seedling to flowering.

Macrosiphoniella sanbourni, a serious insect of chrysanthemum, not only interferes with vegetative growth, but also . Champ lexical avec chrysanthemum morifolium. Grandes fleurs en forme de pompons, roses. Le feuillage est vert argenté et profondément dentelé.

Idéal en massif et en contenant.

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